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Massage Types

Holistic Massage

A massage that is adapted to each clients unique needs.
Its good for relieving tired aching muscles, relaxing the body and mind.
Classic Swedish techniques are used along with Deep Tissue techniques as required.

Holistic massage can be full body or a specific area as required.

Generally an hours (full body) appointment works best, but you can also do a shorter massage with Back, Neck & Shoulders or a Face & Head massage.


Sports Massage

A quicker paced massage aimed at increasing the recovery of muscles and promoting muscle relaxation.
Muscle pain can be reduced along with restoring normal range of movement and functions of muscles and joints.

Good for Pre-sports (To prepare and warm the muscles, mental alertness) and
Post-Sports (to relax tight muscles and decrease the risk of DOMS, mental relaxation)

Tight Muscles, Knots, Muscle Weakness, Sprains & Strains, Muscle Scarring,
Muscular Pain & Minor Injuries can all be treated with Sports Massage.

Many clients move onto sports massage with referrals from Physios, Osteopaths and GP's.

Sports Massage isn't just for those who do sports!
It is suitable for anyone who requires a deeper massage.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
It's a really lovely way of relaxing and treating the body.
It can help with increasing circulation - good for those swollen ankles!
Aches and Pains can be eased.
I'm fully qualified to massage during pregnancy and the massage will be tailored to your specific needs
and take into account any problems you may be experiencing.


Mixed Massage

Many clients like to have a sports massage on a specific area (such as back, calves, hamstrings, glutes)
Followed by a relaxing massage to the rest of the body. This is a popular choice and works well.